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MiningBot has its headquarters in the large financial and global metropolis of Hong Kong. There is a team of 5 technical resources in our company, who are always available to assist you.

Our organization buys server capacities in the most diverse data centers of the world in "Real Time" with the investors' money. From this, Crypto currencies are generated. Automatic mining system searches for the currently profitable coins, orders them and sells the minted coins again on more than 2500 Crypto trading platforms. As soon as the mining of other coins becomes profitable, our systems automatically initiates the necessary steps for generating the new profitable coins. The switching functions in a fully independent manner.


Our investment plans run between 2.74 - 3.55% for a life-long duration and can always be transferred to a separate Bitcoin account against a charge of 30%. Profit is always credited to your account and can be disbursed after reaching the minimum amount. Reinvestment of your saved credit notes is possible only once a day.


We just released! My name is MiningBot, your personal investment robot for performance mining in the cryptocurrency market. With my help you can earn up to 3.55% daily.